Your brain needs breaks

Mental health

A break a day can improve your efficiency

In a busy workday with many tasks, deadlines, and a daily life outside the workplace, the brain can quickly become full.

“Breaks besides dinner break? When should I manage to do it? Does my employer allow it?”


In order to be able to perform and benefit from your own knowledge, it is alpha omega that the brain is fresh and functioning. Several times a day, it is important that you let your brain rest so that you achieve a forced brainstorm. According to Mindhelper, it is when you relax and sit in your own world that the ideas come, and you can subsequently immerse yourself.

The most important element for learning and benefits is relaxation and sleep, where the brain is allowed to relax.

When you think of something other than the task at hand at the moment, the brain is designed so that new ideas and knowledge process themselves. That way, our subconscious mind works without us even getting a heavy head that can feel pressured.

When you relax and think about other stuff than your current task, you give your brain permission to process by itself. Our brain is designed to work ideas and knowledge process, while we are relaxed. In this way our subconscious mind works process by itself, without we feel pressure.

Reception for the brain

How to?

It is individual when and how it feels comfortable and beneficial to take a break. In the beginning, it is important that you feel inside yourself. You may be thinking “No, I can wait for the lunch break, and just fix this before” But what does your brain say? If your brain is trying to tell you that you need a break, listen to it. There is no point in neglecting your body. Breaks, food and drink can be considered as the body’s gasoline. The body needs gasoline to function optimally.

Let’s go

Mindhelper has provided some ideas, where it be evident from “how to” get profit from these through relaxation.

How can the relaxing ideas give profit in Coworking Plus and force the mind of the employed?

  1. Leave your cell phone at the office. In that way, you give your head and thought a chance for sorting the things which is relevant for the current situation and task. Furthermore, you achieve that the phone is not a disturbing element while you find rest in yourself and your brain.
  1. Fresh air. Put on your jacket and take a walk outside. When the brain gets some oxygen, it will work better. Take a deep breath and feel that your body is relaxing. It doesn’t have to take more than 5 minutes. As an opportunity, can you with advantage ask and suggest a colleague to join
  1. Do something new and alternative. Close your computer, go to the kitchen, make some tea or coffee, take some air at the balcony. The most important thing is, that you get distance from the work you are doing in the situation where you feel the pressure.

Relaxing space – alone or in the company of others

At Coworking Plus we offer all our employees have to have the opportunity to retire from the common workspace to a quieter relaxing space, where it is possible to be alone. On all the floors in the building there is relaxing spaces. There is different opportunity. You can eighter choose a private room, or a sofa in the common workspace. The areas are designed with sofa or armchairs, and there is a kitchen disposal, where it is possible to make a cup of tea or coffee. Alle the relaxing areas are available and open for all the renters at Coworking Plus. Furthermore, there is conference rooms available, that all the renters can reserve.

When you rent an office – eighter in alone rooms or in common workspaces, you get permission to all benefits that Coworking Plus offer.

Become a renter here.

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