We love entrepreneurs!


Entrepreneurs. They create something out of nothing and help create new! Everyone who dares to follow their dream and start their own business deserves our respect, gratitude and support!

They create new products and services, they develop new solutions, they create revenue and work, and they create the innovation, development, and dynamic, which all societies need! We as a society need these entrepreneurs!

There are many different types of entrepreneurs 

Many different types of entrepreneurs exist. An entrepreneur cannot be put into one box, but can rather be a lot of different things. An entrepreneur can be a mixture of different thing.

  • A person, who wants to be self-employed in the basic meaning of the word. One, who focuses on their own abilities and solutions. One, who does not have expectations nor ambitions of becoming a huge company.
  • A person, who focuses on the products or solution to a problem. One, who give it their all, and one, who end up being a strong, owner-managed business with a handful or two employees.
  • And then we have the uncommon, wild, and exciting people, who are startups in the very American sense. People, ideas, and companies, who are innovative to the bone and born-global. They who grow at a fast pace, and need capital several times on their journey to scale.
Coworker at work
Entrepreneurs come in all shapes

Entrepreneurship everywhere!

At Coworking Plus, we are proud to house, support, and collaborate with all these different types of entrepreneurs!

We believe, that all types need efficient office environments, where they can focus on their business, rather than all the practical stuff. Lounges, break-out spaces, meeting rooms, coffee, and food facilities all create a wonderful environment, but should not be a focus for small companies. Here at Coworking Plus, all you need to do is show up, plugin and start working.

We believe, that the synergy of being together, the dialog on problems/solutions and the teamwork with counselors, experts, and investors is essential for all types of entrepreneurs!

Our community and long list of professional and social events creates an innovative and creative environment, which all entrepreneurs benefit from.

Coworking work for entrepreneurs!

Everybody at Coworking Plus works every day to create the optimal framework for all of our 300 coworkers! But, our biggest success is the fact that our coworkers have actually created this amazing space by engaging. Our coworkers give and receive input, feedback, and push their own initiatives to create a better environment for all.

We love our coworkers! We love entrepreneurs! And we cannot wait to continue working towards becoming the best coworking space in Denmark!

Do you want to join us on our journey? Book a tour right here!

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