Hvorfor er Coworking så populært?

Nu på dansk ~ We know from our own experience why Coworking is popular but we’d like to share our secret with you as well. Sharing is caring after all!
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There can be a misconception that coworking spaces are only meant for start-ups, but we want to highlight that coworking spaces are all about diversity and a place different types of business can not only coexist but thrive! 

We have asked a well-established company in the building, what they think of the concept of coworking – why is it so popular? And how does it work from a business perspective?

Titi Astono (partner – sales & marketing) from Dacapo have made some interesting observations during her stay at Coworking Odense. Dacapo has been a part of our coworking space since January 2018 and has different insights to share!

She said some of the following: 

Photo of Titi Astono who is talking about the benefits of coworking.

“I think it is popular because of the many different companies, many different people, many different skills – that is one thing, but also many different cultures. This is a house with I don’t know how many different cultures – people from different countries.”

We could also understand from Titi that convenience is a keyword when it comes to the coworking concept, which is why it is more than a trend, it is simply efficient. 

“Another important part is that you can come, move in and move out fast. It is all about flexibility and we all know that when you have a startup company, you take a risk having to pay rent. But here you can have one of the spaces and try to be part of such an environment, so there are different possibilities for how you can stay here from open spaces to closed offices, you can just bring your laptop and move in.”

But we also wanted to know her opinion from a business perspective, because that is a big part of what coworking spaces are!

“Being in this house, you are constantly developing or changing your business – not our core business – but for example the internet or social media, the way of promoting, so marketing.”

Titi emphasised how the diversity at the coworking space varies from different cultures to different age groups, but also how the difference in age groups is beneficial for the companies because of the different levels of experience – we could not agree more! 

The inspiration that is available comes from every corner and all the other businesses in the building, so she always ends up feeling more inspired because of this environment. The possibilities of cooperation and networking are what has affected her working environment for the better. 

Feel free to check out Dacapo’s homepage and see what they are all about

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