Doing Service as Marketing in 2020

marketing as a service

Words mean nothing without action.

Service as marketing helps to show what a company can do and what values it has. Providing good service also shows what the company stands for and how much it does to create value for its customers. If the service isn’t right, it can quickly create a bad experience for the customers and make them reconsider the product or the collaboration with the company in the future.

A brand is not created through the things they say they want to do. In contrast, the brand is cemented by how the company acts! All touchpoints in your company help create your overall image, reputation, and brand. You must be aware of all the possible scenarios regarding touchpoints. It is not only the company’s self-image and self-staging that matters. The customer’s perception of the company is, by far, the most crucial factor.

Technology – Blessing or curse?

Using technology to create better service experiences can both simplify and optimize. Still, it can also be a risky journey to embark on if the technology is not used correctly by a company. Technology can make many things easier for you and your customers. Still, at the same time, it can also create challenges in the personal experience for the customer. Therefore, technology must be implemented without losing personal, human interaction with the customer. 

Service brand marketing

Technology can help create new ways of providing service. It enables new ways to help the customer so that the products are used correctly. Simultaneously, through the use of technology, it becomes possible to check up on customers’ experiences or guide them through the purchasing process before they make a choice. It also shows how many touchpoints a company has and how quickly one can risk losing customers in the process. If you optimize the use of technology, you can capture all the fall groups that arise during the purchase and post-purchase processes!

Innovation with meaning

One of the most challenging processes in the world is to be innovative. The customer does not always know for themselves what they need. Therefore it may be necessary to show them or nudge them. A classic example of this is the Internet. When the Internet was first introduced, it was met with great skepticism in many places. Many people had a hard time seeing how it would help them or create value for them.

Today, virtually all Danes use the Internet in their everyday lives, and many cannot function without it at all. Just think about how many industries are born from the creation of the Internet! To become innovative, it is essential to involve potential users. They must see and experience the product or service and be involved in the onboarding process to ensure the potential is exposed! A company can design the smartest product in the world. Still, if customers cannot figure out how to use it, then the innovation is entirely useless.

Infinitely many places with customer contact!

Do you know how many different places the customer finds information and creates an overall picture of your company? No? It is not surprising because there an infinite amount of touchpoints, and it can be unmanageable! Each of these points is a place where the customer interacts with your business.

How your employees act, handling any complaints, or your interaction and communication on social media are all essential factors that affect how current and potential customers perceive your company. It is far from certain that you know all your touchpoints, but if you become aware of them and create an overview, you can raise your service level so that your business can reach new heights! At Coworking Plus we have tried to identify all of our touchpoints to know where people interact with our brand.


Keep your word – Keep your promise

The headline hits home. If you have promised something, you must also keep it. There is nothing worse than companies or politicians promising you the moon and then fail to keep their promises. Expectations is the keyword! 

– What does your customer want from you? 

– How can you fulfill this desire and need? 

– What is your common success criterion? 

Questions like these can focus your alignment of expectations, which can ultimately contribute to greater overall satisfaction. Because, who knows? Maybe you also want to see new perspectives on your handling of your business and your customers? If you cannot keep a promise, you should never leave your responsibility or blame others.

Such actions will only put your business in a negative light. Instead, you need to be honest, transparent, and seek to find a solution as soon as possible! Remember that the best marketing is when your customers recommend you to their network. Besides, a customer who had excellent service is far more likely to come again.

Service is everything, but..

When a company has infinite touchpoints, it can be an almost impossible task to provide the best service every time. The most important thing to remember here is which details the individual customer attributes the most value in the service process. The great value lies in memorable details and is cemented by how the experience ends. It is the feeling that the customers walk away with that makes the biggest impression.

Find out where the customer sees the most value in the process and then optimize that process immediately! Businesses rarely have infinite resources, so it’s about utilizing your capabilities in the best possible way.

Imperfect companies can create loyal customers

Nobody’s perfect. Neither people nor companies. One can strive for perfection and have laid out “the perfect plan,” yet mistakes, shortcomings, and challenges can occur. It is because the outside world is unpredictable, just as markets can be. It is not a question of whether challenges arise. Instead, it is a question of how to deal with them.

Therefore, it is essential always to have a plan for what should happen if something goes wrong so you can be the one who saves the day. Pleasant and professional handling of an unforeseen challenge can help strengthen your brand and reputation! A customer is more likely to return if they, e.g., have had an excellent experience handling a complaint. Lifetime value is essential!

Value optimize your service level

When planning your service processes, it is essential to consider creating the most value for the least possible resources. First and foremost, you need to provide a good service. Still, suppose the value exceeds the resources used. In that case, you need to either have some other guidelines or assess whether you can automate the time-consuming process. It’s about creating value – but not at any cost. Be critical of your methods!


The service is gold!

Inspired by Jan Milling from Milling Hotels and their POMES concept (Pludselig Opstået Mulighed for Ekseptionel Service), service is the most important thing you can do for your customers. If customers do not know how to get the most out of a product, or if they do not have a memorable service experience, then you will not achieve the maximum return in the long run. Strong brands are created by good values, which are articulated and shown through actions, service, and good experiences! The excellent service makes the customers return, creating more sales and reveal the company’s accurate picture. You can quickly see on companies’ service levels how many resources they have put into the customer’s journey before, during, and after purchase.

Our advice is, therefore:

  1. Get an overview of what touchpoints your company has.
  2. Find out where your customers get the most value and assign resources there.
  3. Do not forget your current customers because they are ambassadors for your company through recommendations and word-of-mouth.

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