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Everyday life as an intern at Coworking Plus

At Coworking Plus, we currently have two interns. One of them is Magnus, who started as a study intern in August 2020.

Coworking Plus welcomes all interns to be a part of a day in the company. We need to challenge the interns and make them feel that we are helping them improve their skills. The interns learn and experience how everyday life in a company proceed. Furthermore, they get a feeling of what work tasks a professional employee typically has. 

Magnus liked to answer some questions about how everyday life in practice goes. Those questions have the purpose of informing future interns and making them understand what it’s like to be an intern in a modern company as Coworking Plus. 


Social media and SEO

So far in his traineeship at Coworking Plus, Magnus has been giving a lot of responsibility. In the beginning, his main tasks comprised of doing everything in social media and SEO. 

After a while, when he got to know all the (complicated) systems, he was given several tasks. Magnus has structured the data for collection, automation, and digitalization in various products. 

“I’ve been involved in finding a software for Coworking Plus where it’s possible to do functions such as meeting booking, renter overview, automatic invoicing, and communication flow.”


Student vs. entrepreneur?

One of Magnus’ tasks was to interview the future students who were searching for an internship. Like that, he got an impression of different people and learned how to communicate in different ways because some people prefer humor and other seriousness.

“I learned to be very good at drinking espresso in quantities that would make the Atlantic Ocean have inferiority complexes – this is how I also talk to not-known people here, there, and everywhere.”

Furthermore, another task he got was to build a collaboration between websites and universities, to create a relationship between the students and entrepreneurs. 

In the many different areas, Coworking Plus offers have developed Magnus’ professional competencies. “You get a completely different knowledge when you have hands-on-projects.” The companies here in this building all have a different background, including that everyone can show other renters a different point of view and constructive criticism.


Personal competencies

Magnus has/can influence which work and tasks he would like to do and prepare. This working method desires him to learn and be better. Magnus mentions that many of his skills he has developed the most include SEO, lead generation, automation, and graphics. All those areas are subject groups he hasn’t learned “how to” at the university. “No, I’ve never tried those subjects before; therefore, I was very excited if I could not find out how to launch, haha.” 

He can network and meet other people who have more work experience than Magnus. It allows him to learn from other employers. Furthermore, Magnus spends a lot of time observing, then he realized how they do good things, less useful, and so on. He assesses this as applicable in his reflections, including how to be better in his social acting. “I already feel that I have learned to communicate in different ways and meet other person demands.” 



Intern at Coworking Plus

Magnus’s experiences so far have been positive. “As an inters at Coworking Plus, you don’t get to pick up coffee for others and clean up or make all the tedious, monotonous tasks. They challenge my learning, and it’s cool”. If you’re an intern or an employee, Magnus mentions that you don’t have to be afraid to speak loud and tell your ideas. All inputs and opinions are heard and evaluated. “All ideas are good ideas; some of them just need to be more worked on.”


Coworking typically arranges a lot of events, where it’s possible to meet other people. As interns, you get an opportunity to network and experience the other employees and hear their stories. This experience gives Magnus a personal connection for those who are in this house.

Those covid-times make an obstacle for Coworking Plus because it’s not possible to make large events. Magnus experienced that the company has been good at holding smaller events, such as popcorn and cocoa-day, where it’s informal and possible to meet new people. 

“Coworking Plus has an extraordinary ability to give me as an intern task where I’m going to talk to other people, do interviews, portraits, assignments, and so on.” 

Besides, Magnus highlights that several of the employees in this house find themselves in the same situation as he does, where he doesn’t know many but have an interest in meeting and networking with new people. 

“It is great to be recognized that I have done something good. Then it’s possible to establish that it’s not only the cap that brings me happiness”.

Forward-looking Magnus can use his new knowledge and learned work experience in another job. Especially the understanding of humans and how to communicate with several different people. 

Magnus’s biggest desire is to be a staff member at Coworking Plus because he’s enthusiastic about the workplace environment.


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