Transnational Project Meeting of Erasmus+ FETRA project

Transnational Project Meeting of Erasmus+ FETRA project – Fellow Travellers; Soft skills for Human Resources Management in SMEs took place on the 9th and 10th of May 2022 in Reading, England. Simone, Lasse, and Victoria joined the Transnational Project Meeting in Reading, representing the Danish partner of the project, Coworking Plus. 

The meeting was organized and hosted by our English partner of the FETRA project, Eurospeak, in one of the classrooms of the partners’ office. Eurospeak representatives welcomed partners positively and created a friendly working and social environment for the following days of intense collaboration. 

During the first day of the meeting, partners, among others, discussed the results in external testing for the IO1- Self-evaluation Tool, the progress of IO2 – Open Educational Resources in human resources soft skills and the processes IO3-Inspiring Success Stories in soft skills. 

The second day of the discussion focused on project management, quality assurance, dissemination, and financial reporting. Throughout the meeting days, partners decided on numerous deadlines and desirable outcomes of the future processes for the FETRA project and discussed upcoming Transnational Project Meetings. The final meeting will occur in Odense, Denmark, hosted by Coworking Plus.

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