Soft skills for Human Resources Management in SMEs

Erasmus+ approved project!

Coworking Plus has the pleasure to announce that the FETRA project has been approved by the National Agency of Erasmus+ Programme – Ministry of Education and Science of Denmark (UFM).
The project’s official starting date is the 1st of October with a mandate of 24 months.

The exciting news is the result of the great project creation and development work of our coworking partner – BrainLog and the following six international organization who are cooperating in this project:

Human Resources Management

The FETRA project aims at supporting individuals in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competencies in order to foster employability and professional development.

The main objective of the project is to improve the soft skills of entrepreneurs with no educational background in human resources management.
Thus, FETRA supports young entrepreneurs, as the main target of the outputs, in the acquisition and development of key competencies – including basic, transversal, and soft skills- in order to foster employability, socio-educational and professional development.

At the same time, FETRA wants to use coaching, Emotional Intelligence resources, and soft skills to increase the motivation of the target groups, especially developing strategies that encourage them to improve and upgrade their skills.

The main products will be:

  • Identification of 12 essential soft skills that young entrepreneurs in SMEs need to possess, implement, and detect in the personnel selection process.
  • Developing a FETRA training system with the focus on the improvement of entrepreneurship, employability, and productivity;
  • Developing a handbook with ‘best practice’ cases for generating better professionals and thus, reinforcing the results and sustainability of better companies for the European society.


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