FETRA Transnational Project Management Meeting in Porto

The partners of the FETRA (FELLOW TRAVELLERS – soft skills for Human Resources Management in SMEs) – project had the opportunity to meet in the beautiful Porto, Portugal for our first face-to-face transnational project meeting on the 17th and 18th of November, 2021. The meeting was hosted by our partners from Portugal – APLOAD. Two of our team members also participated in a blended manner, with one representative from INDEPCIE (Spain) and one representative from Eurospeak Language School (UK) participating in the meeting via video chat, and the rest of the 10 participants joining in person. 

The meeting was highly productive, with decisions being made on the finalization of the self-evaluation tool, moving forward with creating the open educational resource in HR soft skills, and our plan for developing inspiring success stories in soft skills. 

The self-evaluation tool is finally being given the finishing touches before its piloting stage whereby each partner will gather the feedback of small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) managers and entrepreneurs to ensure that the tool is of use and value to our target group. Additionally, our open educational resource is underway with the modules on each soft skill in their initial stages and a cross-checking by partners to be completed soon in order to reach high-quality standards.

Lastly, the partners had the chance to elaborate on our plan for developing the inspiring success stories in soft skills; this took the form of a serious brainstorm which will continue through a collaborative effort by all partners until the time comes for us to begin physically collecting the stories. All in all, the outcome of the meeting was not only decisions being made on developing our innovative

project results, on managerial issues and reporting, but also when we will be meeting next and how we will reach as many members of the target group as possible through our dissemination efforts. 

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Fetra Fellow Travelers Project Coworking Plus
Fetra Fellow Travelers Project Coworking Plus Meeting
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