FETRA Project Update

Thanks to the contribution of all project partners for FETRA project, a transnational project management meeting was conducted effectively:

  • Coworking Plus (Denmark)
  • Eurospeak Language Schools Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • INDEPCIE SCA. (Spain)
  • APLOAD Lda (Portugal

After the identification of the most important soft skills in Human Resources Management that young entrepreneurs in SMEs need to possess in each of the partners’ country, the consortium is currently working on the implementation of the selected HR Management skills.

The main discussion during the meeting was focused on the self-evaluation tool for HR Management. Everyone is excited and passionate for its development. Thanks to the faithful input of the consortium, soon, you will be able to try FETRA training system and to develop your entrepreneurship, employability and productivity though the open educational resources in human resources soft skills.

For more information about FETRA and updates about the progress of the HR self-evaluation tool, don’t forget to visit the website of the project:

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