Kick-Off Meeting for FETRA project

FETRA project – ”Fellow Travellers. Soft skills for Human Resources Management in SMEs” is a result of the loyal partnership between BrainLog and Coworking Plus.

The effective start of the project was established during the online Kick-Off meeting on 10th of December 2020, where the consortium discussed in detail the recommendations for improvement, evaluated by the Erasmus+ National Agency: Ministry of Education andScience of Denmark (UFM) in the project application.

Furthermore, in the beginning of the online meeting, the discussion was focused on the target group of the project. After a long discussion, the partners took into consideration that being an entrepreneur means that your business is young, which leads to the fact that the term does not only define the age but rather the business state. Consequently, the consortium agreed to focus on the following target group:

  • Young entrepreneurs;
  • Start-ups;
  • Micro and small companies.

FETRA project online kick-off

The online Kick-Off meeting was very dynamic and productive thanks to our close collaboration with BrainLog and all project partners:

  • Coworking Plus (Denmark)
  • Eurospeak Language Schools Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • INDEPCIE SCA. (Spain)
  • APLOAD Lda (Portugal)

The main objective of FETRA project is to improve the soft skills of entrepreneurs with no educational background in human resources management. Thus, FETRA supports young entrepreneurs in order to foster employability, socio-educational and professional development.

The main products will be:

  • Identification of 12 essential soft skills that young entrepreneurs in SMEs need to possess, implement and detect in the personnel selection process;
  • Training system with the focus on improvement of entrepreneurship; employability and productivity.
  • Handbook with ‘best practice’ cases for generating better professionals and thus, reinforcing the results and sustainability of better companies for the European society.

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