Entrepreneurial and HR Management workshop

Entrepreneurial and HR Management Workshop

Entrepreneurial and HR Management workshop was organized with a main focus on the projects COWLECTIVE (“Developing a collaborative social impact method and associated training for entrepreneurs in coworking contexts”) and FETRA- Fellow Travellers. Soft skills for Human Resources Management in SMEs. 

The workshop was hosted by Coworking Plus and addressed the challenges in connection to COVID19, all health safety measures have been provided and the local companies were welcomed successfully.   

During the workshop, in connection to the projects’ objectives, all participants contributed to a dynamic discussion and provided valuable feedback where Social Entrepreneurship and HR Management were the main topics of the discussion.

The local companies came up to the conclusion that in Denmark, for every business owner would be crucial to have the opportunity to be introduced to a successful HR Management training. Additionally, the participants selected 12 most valuable HR management skills for Denmark:

  • Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Decision Making
  • Team and Talent Management
  • Feedback
  • Pressure tolerance
  • Social Skills
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Skills
  • Commitment
  • Empathy


Our partners Coworking Plus is eager to support all companies, who need guidelines and training within HR Management in order to contribute to their development and prosperity, especially during COVID-19 economic and employment crisis.

Click here to read the conclusions of the Focus Group report for FETRA project.

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