COWLECTIVE Online Kick-Off Project Meeting

COWLECTIVE – “Developing a collaborative social impact method and associated training for entrepreneurs in coworking contexts.”

Coworking Plus is pleased to announce that we have hosted the COWLECTIVE Online Kick-Off Project meeting through Microsoft Teams on the 4th of November 2020. We are excited to be able to begin the project that was developed by our coworking partners – BrainLog. 

The partners participating in the COWLECTIVE project are:

  • Coworking Plus – Leading Organization (Denmark)
  • Markeut Skills Sociedad Limitada (Spain)
  • Kentro Epagelmatikis Katartisis DIAS Epe (Greece)
  • LABC S.R.L. (Italy)

During the Kick-Off Meeting, the partners discussed, among others:

  • The Aims and Intellectual Outputs of the project
  • Management of the project
  • Dissemination of the output of the project
  • Responsibilities and concerns of the project partners

Cowlective Online Kick-off

The consortium of the project will implement a series of activities, and the main expected products of the project will be:

  1. A Mobile report about social and environmental entrepreneurs’ skills demand according to representatives from the sector, entrepreneurs, trainers, and assessor, a Mobile report about social and environmental entrepreneurs’ skills demands.
  2. A COWLECTIVE training package on the main skills needed by entrepreneurs to raise their companies’ social and environmental positive impact. This training will be developed on an online platform, including social modules for a higher degree of collaboration and interaction. 
  3. A COWLECTIVE learning method for social impact, including recommendations on the training package, collective learning tools, and network. 

The partners also discussed the aims, tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines of the three parts of Intellectual Output 1. This was a joint effort by four of the partners: Coworking Plus, DIAS, CWEP, and MEUS. Furthermore, project management, together with administrative, financial issues, and management groups, were established.

The dissemination plan and the logo, website, leaflet, newsletters, articles, social media, indicators, stakeholder involvement, etc. were presented by CWEP, followed by a detailed presentation of the evaluation plan with activities and indicators by DIAS. The evaluation will cover the entire duration of the project, and by analyzing all aspects of the process, it will also function as a monitoring and control tool. 

The main objective

The main objective of COWLECTIVE is to address the training needs of entrepreneurs in coworking spaces in key transversal skills based on newly updated research and strengthen their business activities in terms of social and environmental impact.

The main target of COWLECTIVE is entrepreneurs in a coworking context, as well as future and wanna-be entrepreneurs in VET and C-VET contexts. 

As a result, COWLECTIVE expects to increase the level of education services provided by coworking and similar collaborative working spaces and the skills of entrepreneurs oriented toward the development of companies with a significant positive social and environmental impact.

Partners agreed to have regular online meetings. The next online meeting will be on the 12th of January, 2021.

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