An office dog can improve your work!

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An office dog can help you through the day

Maybe you know the feeling. The guilt of leaving for work, while your best friend has to stay at home. In this case we are talking about the dog. But if you feel guilty because you have to leave it at home, we have some good news for you! 

According to a study done by Banfield Pet Hospital it can do wonders to have a pet in your presence at work! The small, usually four-legged, pets can boost your work, without you even knowing! Below we will cover the main reason to get an office dog: 

Decisions are made faster! 

Even though it can be disturbing to have a dog running around your legs all day or just lying on the floor snoozing, it has its benefits. It does not matter if you are in a closed office or a shared coworking space. It does not matter if you are plenty of people or just a few. The study shows that the presence of the dog can impact the environment positively and encourage faster decisions! 

The main attribute of the dog must be well-behaved, so you do not have to spend time lecturing it. A sleepy dog is also a perfect fit!  

An office strengthens by the community

In regards to the decision making, the dog is also a social connector between colleagues! It can enhance the relationsship, both on and off the work place, due to the common interest of the dog. In the longer run, this can evolve to friendships, that are not exclusively work-related. 

But, the study also show that it is only a small percentage of workers, who actually wants their work-related relationships to grow into a friendship. 

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Reduce stress, improve morale and hightens loyalty 

Having a dog at the office also affects the stress levels of workers. A decrease in stress levels can be seen with workers, who have dogs nearby during the day. Workers also see an increase in morale, due to the positive vibes of the dog in the office! Seeing the joy and the wagging tail is a positive experience during the day!

Furthermore, loyalty to a work place is enhanced, since a relationship is created with the dog. Also the fact that the work place is pet-friendly show a shared space which is open for all. Bring your dog to work-day has never been more relevant than now!  

Not everybody like the idea of pets at work 

The study points towards the positive effect of having a dog in the office, but not everyone might like that. Not everyone likes pets, which can affect them negatively, if a dog is running around the office. They find it annoying and interrupting to their work. Therefore, it must be a general decision for the shared office, if an office dog is joining the work place. 

At Coworking Plus we have a small, sweet, part time dog called Trille. She is owned by one of our coworkers and usually is very welcoming and happy! She roams around the office during the day, but does not take too much attention. A perfect fit at out shared space. 

Do you want to meet Trille and see the rest of our coworking space? Contact us today and get a tour

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