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Get a mentor from MentorTaskForce

Getting a mentor from MentorTaskForce is an exceptional opportunity for you, who has your own company and wants to develop this company! 
At Coworking Plus we have agreed to a partnership with MentorTaskForce, so you as an entrepreneur can become a mentee under a very experienced mentor!

In cooperation with a mentor, you can receive guidance and sparring on different problem you might run into. Questions in different areas such as these:

  •  Do you want to grow your company?
  • What is in the way of this?
Continuing on this path, you can receive great advice from business people who has been in the industry for several years! 

growth with mentortaskforce

If it can be defined, it can be fixed!

MentorTaskForce can help with your focus and solutions. With our experienced and competent mentors, it is “your path to growth”! 

During the process you as a mentee will receive a large insight in yourself and become inspired to see your problem from other perspectives and with different solutions.

Throughout the dialog, you will talk about the challenges you face daily, your values, and your professional and personal competencies! 

Confidential sparring partner

As a mentee, you will receive a confidential and independant partner to spar with, who can help you reflect upon your work-life, and who puts a spotlight on you and your business!

Our mentors have experience and knowledge, which you as a mentee can benefit from. We work to create important relations, and therefore, synergy between people.

When you as a company have a mentor, you will have a cooperating partner at a high professional level! And of course, we have duty of confidentiality.  

Usually the course will last between 6 and 18 months, but the factual date will be agreed between the mentor and mentee.  

The mentors receive no fee, but all courses, which lasts more than 3 months will be invoiced a organizational contribution to MentorTaskForce on 750 DKK as a one-time fee.

Towards the end of the course, together we will evaluate if the company is mature enough for a board or an advisory board. 

All courses is concluded with a short evaluation, which describes the starting point, what happened in the process and the end result. 

If you want to know more how to get a mentor, check out or send an email to

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