2v2 Counter Strike Tournament

Friday 13-12-2019
Location: Coworking Plus 2nd floor Conference Room

In collaboration with Odense Esport, 4 gamer computers will be set up with equipment in the conference hall on the 2nd floor, where there will be a 2 against 2 tournament in CS: GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive). We would like to extend an open invitation for all companies to attend, keep in mind there must be a minimum of two people in each team. We promise a lot of fun, networking and loads of excitement for the more competitive ones! The event starts on Friday the 13th of December 13 from 14.00 to 17.00. If you need additional information please contact Odense Esport on the 1st-floor or send an email to Aske at ai@odense-esport.dk You can sign up via this link!