Coworking Plus' internationale projekter

Her kan du følge med i alle de spændende internationale projekter som Coworking Plus Odense deltager i. De internationale samarbejder COWLECTIVE, STAY AFLOAT & FETRA er alle eksekveret i samarbejde med BrainLog der til dagligt har plads i vores kontorfællesskab.

Projekterne fokusere primært på internationalt samarbejde mellem landende i EU og human ressource management. Gennem projekterne udvikles for eksempel HR uddannelses materiale, til startups og iværksættervirksomheder, og meget andet!

Stay Afloat Framework – Result 1
The main object of this result was the identification of 15 situations experienced by entrepreneurs during the first five years of a new Company that can...
Bruger modtager ikke scanning til mail fra printer i Papercut
Hvis brugen af printeren kan logge ind på Papercut og scanne, men ikke modtager dokumentet på deres mail, ligger fejlen med høj sansynlighed i deres DNS...
REBUILT | Second Project Management Meeting – Odense, Denmark
On the 10th and 11th of January the #REBUILT project  met in Odense for the second transnational project management meeting at UCL Erhvervsakademi og Professionshøjskole (UCL...
SUSNET | Learning Training Teching Activities – Arezzo, Italy
Coworking Plus has visited Italy, Arezzo as a part of a European Project SUSNET. As the name hints, its aim is to create sustainable networks across companies....
SUSNET | Sustainability Concept Guide
SUSNET | Sustainability Concept GuideHent
SUSNET | A European project promoting the sustainability of companies and their partners
REBUILT Newsletter 1
3rd edit. of “New ideas, new goals” is out
Have you read the third edition of the New Ideas New Goals magazine? Now the online version of the project result magazine is available – New ideas for...
FETRA Newsletter 4
FETRA newsletter 4Hent
FETRA Newsletter 3
FETRA Newsletter 3Hent
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