700 kr.

per month

The price is excl. of VAT

Do you need a place where you can work in focus, without having to spend DKK 59 for a coffee? Then you should consider an airport on Coworking Plus. Our office community is centrally located in Odense, only a 5 minute walk from train station.

With an Airport office solution, you'll have 24/7 access to our office community at Kochsgade 31. You can freely sit in all of our nice lounges, and work focused on your business, with all the coffee and tea you want. With an Airport office solution at Coworking, you'll become a part of our entreprenurial community with more than 500 coworkers, and you will be invited to all of our more than 30 yearly social- and networkingevents.

Should your office-needs change, you will always be able to upgrade to one of our Fixed Seats.


  • Parkering inkluderet

  • Flat rate rent: Water, heat, electricity, and internet included

  • Seat in light and comfortable lounges

  • Possibility of lunch arrangement for DKK 70 incl. VAT

  • Free printing & coffee/tea ad libitum

  • Mulighed for at leje mødelokaler
  • One month deposit

  • No prepaid rent

  • Current month + one months notice

  • The price is excl. of VAT

  • 250 kr joint expenses per person

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more about our airports?

Our Airports are the perfect alternative to workking from a local Cafe. With an airport office solution at Coworking Plus, you'll become part of the largest office community of Southern Denmark with more than 500 coworkers. Besides that, the coffee is included in the fixed payment.

A few of the many benefits that we offer when you become a coworker​

Free Parking


You are welcome to park for free in our parking spaces. We have more than 100 parking lots at our disposal, that we you and your clients can use freely.

Access 24/7


The office is open 24/7 at Coworking Plus. Whether you want to work from 8 am to 6 pm from monday to friday, or from 12 pm to 02 am during the weekend, you're good to go.

Packages & letters


You can have your packages and letters delivered directly to your office. Even if you're at the office or not, your packages will be received, for you to collect at your convenience.



The office is locked from 04:30 pm to 07:30 am on weekdays, and always locked on weekends, where you'll need access codes to enter the office. We have also installed security cameras to monitor visitors. Your office is safe with us.


At Coworking Plus you pay one fixed payment, for everything your business needs. We provide you with officetables and chairs, you'll have ad libitum coffee and tea, free printing and scanning, free parking for you and your guests, and much more!

Meeting Rooms

As a coworker at Coworking Plus, you'll have free access to our meeting rooms for both customer meetings, code reviews, meetings with partners etc.

Food services


Are you also ready for breakfast every time it's 12 o'clock? No problem. Spisetid in Svendborg delivers a delicious lunch buffet every weekday, which you can freely choose to and from via their ordering system.

A part of our community


The benefit we're most proud to present is our entrepreneurial community. More than 500 coworkers from +140 businesses have chosen to have their office at Coworking Plus.



At Coworking Plus, office cleaning will be a headache of the past. We have a wonderful cleaning team from CC Clean, who makes sure the office is always nice and tidy.


At Coworking Plus we host more than 30 social and networking events, every single year, where you, as a coworker, will get lots of opportunities to expand your business network within the entreprenurial environment of Odense.

Mads is ready to take you on a tour

We are located in the Smith Park. You will find the entrance at the intersection of Kochsgade and Grønlandsgade.

Our main entrance is at entrance D, and you'll find the Coworking Plus team on the 2nd floor.

You can find us in the city center of Odense

Our office community is located only 10 minutes walk from the train station. Swing by and take a look around!

Because we believe that Coworking is the future for offices"

Mads Fugl - Co-Founder and Director

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