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The Team of Coworking Plus is ready for a chat! Should you want to get in touch with a member of the team, feel free to reach out to us on either mail or phone. We are usually available in normal business hours. You'll be able to find us at the reception on the 2nd floor of Coworking Plus.

Mads Fugl

Co-Founder & Director

Sales, Administration & Offices

+45 54 33 95 00

Steen Petersen

Medejer & Driftschef

Drift & Ledelse

+45 54 33 95 05

Cecilie kongstad


Events & Samarbejde

+45 54 33 95 03

Louise Rasmussen

Service Manager

Service & Kommunikation

+45 54 33 95 04

Anders Mortensen

Digital Manager

Digitalization & Communication

+45 23 65 52 65

You can find us in the city center of Odense

We are only a 5 minute walk away from the Train Station

Because we believe that Coworking is the future for offices"

Mads Fugl - Co-Founder and Director

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