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Coworking Plus is all about…

Convenience and Community

We believe that companies need to have a hassle free experience when they decide to be part of our office community. We take care of the day to day tasks so you and your company can focus on what is the most important; growing and developing your business.

At Coworking Plus you will be emerged in an entreprenurial community with more than 500 coworkers. From our past 8 years as an office community we've found that our coworkers are amazing at assiting eachother with problems, and finding synergies aswell as partnerships between their businesses.

Free Parking


You are welcome to park for free in our parking spaces. We have more than 100 parking lots at our disposal, that we you and your clients can use freely.

Access 24/7


The office is open 24/7 at Coworking Plus. Whether you want to work from 8 am to 6 pm from monday to friday, or from 12 pm to 02 am during the weekend, you're good to go.

Packages & letters


You can have your packages and letters delivered directly to your office. Even if you're at the office or not, your packages will be received, for you to collect at your convenience.



The office is locked from 04:30 pm to 07:30 am on weekdays, and always locked on weekends, where you'll need access codes to enter the office. We have also installed security cameras to monitor visitors. Your office is safe with us.


At Coworking Plus you pay one fixed payment, for everything your business needs. We provide you with officetables and chairs, you'll have ad libitum coffee and tea, free printing and scanning, free parking for you and your guests, and much more!

Meeting Rooms

As a coworker at Coworking Plus, you'll have free access to our meeting rooms for both customer meetings, code reviews, meetings with partners etc.

Food services


Gider du heller ikke nøjes med en tør rugbrødsmad til frokost? Noahs Global, der holder til i vores køkken på stueetagen leverer alle hverdage 11:30 - 12:30 en lækker frokostbuffet, med varme retter, salat, brød og pålæg.

A part of our community


The benefit we're most proud to present is our entrepreneurial community. More than 500 coworkers from +140 businesses have chosen to have their office at Coworking Plus.



At Coworking Plus, office cleaning will be a headache of the past. We have a wonderful cleaning team from CC Clean, who makes sure the office is always nice and tidy.


At Coworking Plus we host more than 30 social and networking events, every single year, where you, as a coworker, will get lots of opportunities to expand your business network within the entreprenurial environment of Odense.

Sparinvest lounge

In our coffee lounge on the 1st floor you have the opportunity to host relaxing meetings. And you can book your own event and host it in our SparInvest Lounge .

Coworking Café

Host your event in our multifunctional café. The café has a professional industrial kitchen and is full of options so you can use it for all kinds of purposes. Coworking Café is located on the ground floor of the building, so it is easy to get to!

Recreational areas

Take a break in one of our recreational areas. All around the office you will be able to find cozy areas with couches and armchairs. You can use them when you brainstorm, for an event or for your informal meetings.

Conference room

We can set up the room exactly the way you want it and it has room for 50 people Whether you need to hold a workshop, lecture or debate! Our Conference Room is very flexible, while we can put you in touch with catering!

Access to our network of more than 500 Coworkers

With an office at Coworking Plus you get direct access to our network of more than 500 coworkers. We're a fast growing community, and you're invited in board! Take a look at the businesses currently sitting at our offices below. Maybe you know a few?

Exciting networking events

We host more than 30 events every single year, for the coworkers in our office community and the entrepreneurial environment in Odense. There's plenty of opportunities to expand your network and have a great time with your fellow entrepreneurs.

Coworking Plus benefits

As a coworker at Coworking Plus' office community, you will gain exclusive access to a range of discounts for services that are perfect for small businesses. It's a part of the coworking package along with a lot of other benefits. You'll receive access to the benefits upon joining Coworking Plus, no matter your office solution .

Fogsgaards Renseri Logo

As a coworker, you can exceptionally hand in your shirts and suits for dry cleaning and have them delivered to Coworking Plus at a premium price through our local partner, Fogsgaards Renseri.

Paperturn logo

As part of Coworking Plus, you can get a 35% discount at Paperturns . Create your own interactive PDFs and turn reading into an experience!


Do you want to develop and grow your business? MentorTaskForce can help focus on and solve growth challenges with experienced and competent mentors.


Kaffe Lars er husets leverandør af kaffe, som har lavet et kaffeblend specielt til vores coworkers præferencer. Kaffen kan både nydes på kontoret, eller købes med hjem til et god pris.

Morningscore logo

Optimize your chance of being found on Google with Morningscore. Deres mål er at gøre det nemt og sjovt for dig at SEO-optimere din hjemmeside. Find rabatkode i velkomstbogen.

Visma dinero logo

Hold nemt styr på bilag og faktura med Visma Dinero. Alle coworkers får 50% rabat det første år af deres Dinero Pro abonnement, når de opretter en ny konto hos Dinero. Find rabatkoden i velkomstbogen

Coworking Plus Ressourcer

Through our collaboration with BrainLog we have developed a range of resources within the project FETRA – Fellow Travelers, which aims to assist in educating startups in Human Resource Management. HRM is often overlooked as necessary expertise in smaller businesses, which ends up causing problems later on when the business is scaling up. With our educational resources, we're doing our part in helping the startups of Odense wherever we can.

Fetra Project Fellow Travelers Logo
HRM Quiz

Are you ready to manage employees in your company? Try our Human Resource Management quiz with direct feedback, and find out if you're ready.


Hold dig opdateret på Coworking Plus' internationale projekter udført i samarbejde med BrainLog. Læs mere om Erasmus+  FETRA, COWLECTIVE og STAY AFLOAT projekterne.

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We are located in the Smith Park. You will find the entrance at the intersection of Kochsgade and Grønlandsgade.

Our main entrance is at entrance D, and you'll find the Coworking Plus team on the 2nd floor.

You can find us in the city center of Odense

Our office community is located only 10 minutes walk from the train station. Swing by and take a look around!

Because we believe that Coworking is the future for offices"

Mads Fugl - Co-Founder and Director

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