Odin Award is Odense's largest entrepreneurial event, held as an event during the Odense Entrepreneur festival. In 2021, the Odin Award was arranged in a collaboration between Coworking Plus & Odense Iværksætterservice.

Odin Award 2021 was by far the largest award-winning event for the entrepreneurs in Odense, and was held in the delicious premises at DOK5000, with 500 seats and 100% sold out.

It should also be mentioned that the Odin Award could not have been possible without our generous sponsors. Through their contribution to the event, the sponsors have ensured that the entrepreneurial community in Odense could meet, network and celebrate the most talented startups. Our main sponsors are BDO, Focus Advokater, Danske Bank, and GF Forsikring.

Morten Resen Hosts Odin Award 2021

We were so lucky that Morten Resen agreed to host the Odin Award 2021, and he will take the entire audience through the celebration of Odense's most talented entrepreneurs. He is known as Denmark's most morning fresh man, and has a good 10 years behind him as host of Go ’Morgen Danmark. In 2016, he chose to retire as a radio and TV host, and become an entrepreneur with the company GoLittle - an app that guides families to the best, child-friendly places and experiences. In addition, Morten is also a co-founder of the popular meal plan and recipe app, Mambeno.

Morten Resen Værter Odin Award 2021

Keynote Speaker Andreas Dirksen

Welcome to the Odin Awards keynote speaker, Andreas Dirksen. Better known as Denmark's uncrowned subscription king. If you do not already know Andreas Dirksen, then it's time to get acquainted with the man who can call himself:
  • 1# International Bestselling Author
  • Founder og CEO
  • Business Angel
  • Subscription expert
Hear Andreas' own description:
“My passion is to create successful subscription businesses. I have helped +150 companies with this, invested in a number of promising companies, have written a book on how to create a successful subscription business and facilitate workshops in the companies.
I created and was CEO and co-founder of Plusbog ApS and Plusbok AB, which went from 0 to 100 million. at 5 years. In 2017, I was admitted to Krak's Blue Book, and shortly after, I sold Plusbog / Plusbok, to engage in new entrepreneurial adventures.
My primary strengths are strategy, subscription business, business development and entrepreneurship, combined with a strong passion, a good drive and a creative and playful approach to development. ”
Andreas Dirksen Keynote Speaker ved Odin Award

The Jury of Odin Award 2021

This year, the jury consists of a number of large business people with many years of experience from a number of industries. The jury has sole power over which startups must have laws to run with the victory at the Odin Award. The jury for the Odin Award 2021 consisted of:

Anne Dyrehauge – CEO Media City Odense

Anne Scheel Nordestgaard Dyrehauge is a trained journalist from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus. She has worked as an editor on TV 2 Nyhederne's early evening broadcasts and was later appointed editor-in-chief of TV 2 PLAY Nyhederne. Today, she heads Denmark's first media tech cluster, as director of Media City Odense.

Brian Djernes – CEO Cane-Line

Brian Djernes has spent most of his life as director and co-owner of the furniture companies Cane-Line and Sika-Design in Rynkeby, which he has helped to make a huge international success. At the same time, he has twice as chairman led H.C. Andersen Festivals through successful and festive weeks in the center of Odense.

Søren Kristensen – CEO Athenas

Søren Kristensen started the lecture company Athenas during his studies, which today has become an international company with offices in several countries with many different activities - both lecture distribution, ticket sales and much more. The company's head office is located in Odense. In addition, he acts as an investor in several companies.

Torben Frigaard – Business Angel

Torben Frigaard Rasmussen is a former director and co-owner of Retail Internet, which in the early 00's was one of the first companies to introduce performance based online marketing.

The company was sold to a listed French company in 2006. Later, Torben became CEO and co-owner of e-conomic, which under Torben's leadership became the Nordic region's leading supplier of Saa's based accounting systems for small and medium-sized companies. E-conomic is dd. market leader in Denmark and used by more than 100,000 companies. Economic is today owned by VISMA. 

The nominated startups from Odense

In the month before the event, Odense's entrepreneurial environment and other stakeholders had the opportunity to nominate startups from Odense for 3 different categories: Odin Tech, Oden Concept, and Odin Award.

There were a total of 30 nominated startups of which only 9 could go on in the process, ie 3 startups per category.An external jury was used for this selection. The first category was Odin Concept, and you can read much more about the nominated companies below.

Which startups were nominated for Odin Concept?

The nominated companies should be based on a unique, smart or innovative service, service concept or service. The jury was looking for innovative and new concepts with potential. The winner of the prize received a cash prize of DKK 20,000. The nominees in the Odin Concept category were:


Simone Westergaard and Frederikke Dahl are the first candidates to be nominated for Odin Concept with their company Mewalii. Today, sanitary pads are made of cotton and plastic and are on the top 10 list of products that end up in nature.
Mewalii has done something about this problem as they have replaced the plastic materials in sanitary napkins with biodegradable potato starch. The biodegradable sanitary napkins can be purchased by subscription and must help to break the taboo around menstruation.
The name Mewalii comes from the Balinese word mewali, which means "thank you", and then it is combined with the English "I". In this combination, Mewalii means "thank you". In this way, you can thank yourself for helping to make a difference for the environment.
Read more about Simone and Frederikke and Mewalii on ErhvervPlus+ here.
Mewalii Startup Fra Odense Nominerede til Odin Award

The Organic Crave

The Organic Crave Company is the 2nd candidate to be nominated for Odin Concept and it is Rafael de Souza Andersen and Jeppe Vadgaard who are behind the company! Through innovation, The Organic Crave has developed sweet and savory snacks made from organic ingredients that taste great! Their products have a low sugar content or a reduced fat content, so you can "crave more" with a clear conscience.
The Organic Crave puts new demands on the industry and wants to change the way we crave and they are not afraid to do it in a new and different way! The word Crave comes from the Swedish word "at kräva", which means to make demands on someone or something and that is exactly what The Organic Crave does!
Read more about Rafael, Jeppe, and The Organic Crave Company on ErhvervPlus+ here..
The Organic Crave Startup Fra Odense Nominerede til Odin Award


CRATEIT.dk is the 3rd candidate nominated for Odin Concept and Rikke Jørgensen, Martin Kristensen and Tonny Olsen are behind the company.
CRATEIT sells themed boxes, which contain all sorts of different figures that you have to paint and decorate yourself. This gets kids off the screen and for them to open up and talk while stimulating their cognitive skills.
The production of the animals takes place at one of the Odense workshops, where the employees have reduced physical or mental functioning. In this way, CRATEIT helps to create meaningful jobs and keep production close to home.
Read more about and CRATEIT on ErhvervPlus+ here..
CrateIt Startup Fra Odense Nominerede til Odin Award

Which startups were nominated for Odin Tech?

The companies nominated for the Odin Tech Award should be based on a technological, digital or data-driven solution. The jury was looking for startups with software, web, digital concepts or technology as a crucial element in products or services. The winner of the award received a cash prize of DKK 20,000. The nominees in the Odin Tech category were:


Abdirahman Jama er den 1. kandidat, som er nomineret i kategorien Odin Tech med sin virksomhed Reppy.dk. I Danmark har en smartphone en gennemsnitlig levetid på 18 måneder. Hvis uheldet er ude, så køber vi en ny, da det er for dyrt og besværligt at få den repareret. Dette er med til at belaste klimaet, da der går 75 kilo råstoffer til produktionen af en enkel smartphone.

The answer to this is Reppy.dk! Reppy.dk is an online platform that connects the consumer with an IT workshop. It should make it easy and simple for the consumer to have their smartphone, tablet or computer repaired if the product breaks down. The platform provides an overview of price, quality, repair time, ratings, etc. easily and quickly.

Read the whole article on ErhvervPlus here..

Reppy.dk Startup fra Odense nomineret til Odin Award 2021


Australian Helen and Peter Coco are with their company Vleppo the 2nd candidate, which is nominated in the category Odin Tech!

Helen and Peter Coco have previously worked with blockchain technology, and came past the Funen robot environment on a family adventure, and it was an obvious opportunity to get the right workforce to bring their plans to life.

Vleppo works with blockchain technology, which makes it possible to enter into contracts where you can deposit money as part of the document. This is especially interesting for freelancers who work with clients around the world and where you may not trust each other.

Read the whole article on ErhvervPlus here..

Vleppo Startup fra Odense nomineret til Odin Award 2021

ARIS Robotics

The 3rd candidate in the Odin Tech category is ARIS Robotics, created by Sina Pour Soltani CEO, Ann-Mia Ambjerg CBO and Christian J. Eberhardt CTO.

Today, there are several different bins for different types of waste. ARIS ROBOTICS has developed a self-sorting rubbish bin, which uses artificial intelligence to sort the waste correctly. In this way, ARIS ROBOTICS has turned waste sorting upside down.

Read the whole article on ErhvervPlus here..

Aris Robotics Startup Fra Odense Nominerede til Odin Award

Which startups were nominated for Odin Award?

The Odin Award, which is the main prize given to a start-up company that has done exceptionally well, and has shown that they can execute, and achieve incredible goals. The winner of the prize receives a cash prize of DKK 40,000. The nominees for the Odin Award were:


Kobots APS is the 1st candidate to be nominated for an Odin Award! Kobots makes voice-controlled robots for the construction industry and right now has two versions of their robot Amigo, which can cut plates. Kobots is in the process of developing new products and is at the same time expanding into the Norwegian market and perhaps the German market, which they have in their sights.

Kobots has gained a foothold in the market, but now lacks capital to be able to increase their production. This capital they will achieve through crowdfunding, where they hope to get many smaller shareholders with great interest in Kobots. This will also be able to create a large, valuable international network for Kobots, which can help the company enter the international market.

Kobots Startup Fra Odense Nominerede til Odin Award


Particle3D is the 2nd candidate to be nominated for an Odin Award! Casper Slot and Martin Bonde wrote their Bachelor project together in 2015 and subsequently founded Particle3D in 2017.

Particle3D's implants are natural and degradable, and utilize the body's own ability to regenerate itself. The implant is the missing part and shape, which the body itself breaks down and subsequently rebuilds from bone mass. Particle3D is currently conducting studies in the United States and China by independent experts who need to validate their implants prior to the US approval procedure.

Read the whole article on ErhvervPlus here..

Particle3D Startup Fra Odense Nominerede til Odin Award


Unicontrol the 3rd candidate to be nominated for an Odin Award! From toy excavators to construction sites worldwide! In just 3 years, Unicontrol has grown and grown, and their system is now used in over 300 machines in more than 10 countries. They have more than 30 employees, and expect a turnover of around 30 million kroner in 2021!
Unicontrol makes machine control software for excavators and loaders, which can measure and calculate distances from the earth's surface, so that the machines can dig more accurately, document the work and thus reduce errors and spills on construction sites.
Read the whole article on ErhvervPlus here.
UniControl Startup Fra Odense Nominerede til Odin Award

Who won Odin Award 2021?

In the Odin Tech category ARIS Robotics ended up winning, and taking home the 20.000 DKK cash price, as well as 12 hours of consultancy from Focus Advokater and BDO, one of the main sponsors of Odin Award. Additionally, ARIS Robotic won tickets for all co-founders to attend the top-manager conference hosted by Technology Danmark.
In the Odin Concept category, Mewalii was the company that took it home along with 20.000 DKK in cash and consultancy from our sponsors. Their concept solves a major environmental problem, by replacing the plastic in menstrual pads, with biodegradable material.
The main prize at the event, the Odin Award was won by UniControl which in 3 years has grown at unimaginable speed. They are today 20 employees and have just rounded a turnover on the good side of 20 million. Congratulations to all the winners!
You can see the winning photos below here:

We have had a lot of pictures of the event taken by our partner Creative Content Agency. You can see the entire gallery below.

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