In 2019, Coworking Plus held the largest entrepreneurial event to date, with an award ceremony for the most talented startups in Odense. The event was held at the Odeon, and more than 400 entrepreneurs, investors, partners, sponsors and other interested parties attended the event. The Odin Award debuted in 2018 with the bang of a party, and the Odin Award 2019 was almost twice as big.

Below here, you can watch the video from the event:

The winners of Odin Award 2019

In 2019, the jury were tasked to find a winner in three different categories. The winner of the main price, Odin Award, was taken home by Robot Nordic. Moonshot Award der blev vundet af Porco Vision og Impact Award der blev vundet af Sprogeriet. Congratulations to the three winners! It's definately an accomplishment that the startups can be proud of.

You can learn much more abouth the winning businesses here:

Odin Award Winner 2019 - Robot Nordic

Robot Nordic Vinder af Odin Award 2019

Robot Nordic was founded in 2016 by two experienced engineers from the robotics industry. The company has a common dream of operating an independent integration and automation partner without exclusive agreements with standard product suppliers. If you want to develop the best solutions, you must also have free access to the best tools.

“Robot Nordic creates tailor-made and efficient solutions. Naturally aimed at production companies - not least thanks to our many years of experience, know-how and new technologies. Our mission is to be among the industry's most respected companies in the automation industry. ”

Impact Award Winner 2019 - Sprogeriet

Sprogeriet Vinder af Odin Award 2019

At Sprogeriet, we believe that children's language development takes place through meaningful pleasurable activities in close interactions between people. Linguistic development takes place where there is fun, excitement and play with the language. When we recognize language development as an interpersonal matter, it becomes a goal for us to create concrete materials that can contribute to fun activities with a linguistic focus being easily put into play at home, in day care and at school. ”

The language work hard to strengthen children's language by developing very concrete, play-based materials that support and strengthen children's language both at home and in day care. The language helps to strengthen children's language development from the very beginning, so that more children grow up with better conditions for learning, social development and an increased quality of life.

Moonshot Award Winner 2019 - Porco Vision

Porco Vision Vinder Odin Award 2019

The company was founded in 2017 when the team consisting of Christian Rasmussen, Christian Moeslund and Christine Lundby joined forces to solve a major problem in the pig industry. 
It started with Christine reading an article stating that three million piglets were stillborn each year. This she thought was a problem to be solved. 

At Porcovision, we are driven by the desire to develop. Our vision is to create a future that makes a difference for our customers and users which at the same time contributes to radical change for life, the use of electronics and the utilization of resources in the agricultural industry. In less than a year, the company has raised almost DKK 1 million for development, received several awards and is developing a system that is ready for commercial use”.

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