How does it feel to be a coworker?

Every day, the dedicated team behind Coworking Plus have to juggle many things at once, as they strive to create a unique coworking space that motivates and inspires all the coworkers in the house! But what does it actually feel like to be a coworker here in Odense? We have talked to one of our coworkers about how she experiences the setting, the community, and everything in between.

While the November cold rages outside, everything inside Coworking Plus’ coworking space in Kochsgade exudes warmth, coziness and productivity. In the heart of the old buildings, where the bicycle factory Smith & Co. was once based, we sit down with Helene Cooper Larsen. Helene is the co-founder and co-owner of Sprogeriet. They make digital and analogue equipment to support children’s speech. For the last four years, Sprogeriet have been located at Coworking Plus, and according to Helene there is a very special reason for that:

“Coworking Plus takes care of everything from chairs and tables to Internet services and all of the practical things. If something isn’t working, they fix it straight away. It is so convenient and easy. All I have to do is show up.”

The perfect symbiosis

As a coworker you find yourself in the perfect symbiosis of modern office facilities with cozy and rustic elements. You immediately sense the presence of history, when you sit in the large, practical halls under the dark brown, exposed beams or walk across the creaky wooden floors. The light and well-equipped rooms with new, modern furniture and plants invite everybody to be productive and to cowork. The many glass walls give the office an open feel and remind the coworkers that they are close to one another.

“The vibe and atmosphere in the house are amazing! Being a coworker is great. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been here for the past four years”, Helene says.

Helene appreciates the closeness in particular. What makes Coworking Plus a real real coworking spaceaccording to her, is the many different lines of businesses that are represented in the house. The wide range of expertise and competences create plenty of opportunities for valuable knowledge sharing. The coworkers in the house help each other out and give one another great advice. For example, Helene has gotten help from other coworkers more than once, when Sprogeriet’s website has failed.

“You can always find help, when you need it. It gives me a great sense of security knowing that I can always find help right around the corner”, Helene explains..

Spoiled coworkers

Today, all the coworkers are being spoiled, because Coworking Plus have reached the finals in Nordic Startup Awards in the category best coworking space. The place in the final is celebrated with popcorn and hot chocolate. The popcorn machine is hard at work, as the delicious smell of salty goodies spread through the house. A coworker comes by and hands Helene a cone full of warm popcorn.

Best coworker space popcorn

“This is exactly what I mean. Coworking really gives us special treatment!”, Helene says before she continues: “There are a thousand different possibilities here, whether you like one thing or another. There is room for everybody. People are very large. I bring my dog, Trille, to work. She loves being here, and it’s nice that there is room for us in that sense.”

Inspiring events

From port wine tastings and afternoon yoga sessions to intriguing lectures, Coworking Plus always strives to create an inspiring and nice coworking space for the around 100 companies that are located in the house. For Helene, their effort has not gone unnoticed. She appreciates the close-knit coworking space and community across companies and competences, where there is always room for everybody.

Because we believe that Coworking is the future for offices"

Mads Fugl - Co-Founder and Director

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