4 great reasons to drink coffee

Coffee enhances work place quality, and we know it works!

You have probably heard or read somewhere, that it can have a positive effect on you.

Actually, a study from The Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee and The European Food Safety Authority shows the positive benefits, when it comes to attention, mental surplus and performance!

Your mental health

Studies show, that it can benefit your mental health, due to the energy boost you get! The energy boost can give your tasks a boost, and help you stay within deadlines, and the accuracy of your performances. Giving you the extra edge to be even better during your work day!

Kaffe til alle coworkers

Lowers the risk of illness

Studies also show, that people, who drink it in moderate amounts have longer life expectancy , based on illnesses such as cardiac arrest, diabetes, and respiratory diseases, but the study does not show the amount or evidens of longer life expectancy.

Less stress – more life

As a coworker you might like the scent of different types, which also has a positiv effect on the brain , as it can help lower stress levels. The aromas from freshly-brewed pot sends signals to your brain, to become more relaxed, safe, and get a better relationship to your work and your assignments. You might not even be a coffee-drinker, but aromas from tee can also have the same relaxing effect.

The community around the espresso

The espresso machine is a local meeting point for coworkers at your work place. Small talk happen and connections are established over a cup of anything in e.g. the kitchen. At Coworking Plus you get the chance to experience it firsthand. In our kitchens we have coffee makers, espresso machines, and water kettles to create a break out space during your day. The espresso machines are easy to handle and you do not need a barista to make a delicious beverage. 
Samtidig har vi hos Coworking Plus et samarbejde med Kaffe Mekka, hvor vi får mikset vores egen kaffeblanding til huset! 


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