Creativity can be a factor for entrepreneurs!

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Is creativity measurable?

Different opinions arise whether or not creativity can be measured, even though, most research points towards, that creativity is unmeasurable, but can be indexed into two subcategories: “Small c” and “big C”. 

C is for creativity! Small c has its focus on everyday tasks with creative aspects, like the small inputs you get during the day. E.g. from small talking with your coworkers at the coffee machine. During the conversation a single, small word can trigger your creativity, maybe in connection to a task or project you are working on! 

Big C is seen more as the more grand scale of creative mind, which many people look for during their life. The big epiphany of creative thought to create a breakthrough in your life! People often forget, that is in your everyday life that the triggers for Big C occur.

A thought-connecting process

Creativity is a though process – Always working in everything you do and unavoidable! It is the teamwork between spontaneity and controlled thinking, depending on what triggers your mind into creative thinking. Anything can stimulate your brain and connect dots you wouldn’t think of yourself. 

If two individuals get the same thought from the same stimuli, a connection between the two is formed! You have probably tried the “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”-scenario. In that case, you have been exposed to a generated thought process, based on something you had in common with the other person! 

It’s funny how that works, right? 


“I am not creative” 

Maybe you have the feeling of not being the creative type?

You might have considered how to trigger your brain into creativity without it being an annoying habit you have to follow. But you are in luck! There are several different ways to nudge your creativity forward!

According to a study from TalentMLS, the phenomenon “Gamification” is a tool to generate ideas. Simply, you turn something into a game, either with software or physical activities. 

Something as simple as keeping score on how many points you have compared to your colleagues can enhance competitiveness, the will to do better and increase the flow of ideas. The metaphorical ball in this example can e.g. be ideas for a brainstorm. These ideas are then developed further in groups or individually. This creates a creative environment for the participant to do the best they can in the “competition”. 

Increased creativity and fun, what’s not to like? 

Increased revenue and more togetherness

Both studies and research also show that creativity is the biggest factor for increased revenue in the future, both at companies, but especially for entrepreneurs! Creativity creates innovation, innovation creates new products and services and new products and services are the keys to growing long-term! 

Furthermore, the bonus of social encounters at your workspace is wonderful! You get a feeling of togetherness, being heard and seen! You experience something together and create something out of nothing. 

coworking space can help generate ideas in collaboration with other people and companies for your next project. The creativity flows in a space like this! Usually, events with like-minded, colleagues around you, and an environment, can boost your creativity, help you break the status quo, and innovate! 

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