A coworking space will enhance your 2020!

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The science behind a coworking space!

Do you know how much your surrounding matter for efficiency at work? It matters a lot! 

According to a study from Genslers Research Insitute, it can be hard for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and self-employed to get comfortable in an environment, without a space for work. Finding the right environment can be incredibly challenging. 
You need several different options during a work day. A private space to do virtual calls or for concentration, an open space so get sparing from your peers and maybe a meeting room, when you have clients visiting. Your office need to support all of your activities! On top of that, your working space needs to help you in your day and inspire you forward! 

Below we have gathered 4 reasons, why your surroundings are important and why a coworking space might be the perfect fit:


If you are an entrepreneur, self-employed, or a freelancer, you might not have a dedicated space for work. You may sometimes work wherever you are, but not at optimal conditions. 

In your work day you need flexibility. Flexibility to change your settings. Flexibility to optimize the surrounding you are in. 
In a coworking space you can get access to meeting room for client meeting or internal meetings. Sitting in the open space, might not be the best. At the same time, you have the flexibility to have your own, private space, where you can concentrate, focus and sit undisturbed. 

Usually, small companies do not want to spend hard earned money on meeting room, so this is also a factor, when choosing your next work space. Most coworking spaces have some sort of arrangements with meeting rooms internally in the building. These are often very flexible and cheap, when you are resided in a shared space. 

All the colors of the rainbow

Offices with a dash of color can motivate you, and give your work activities a boost. Then you can follow you task all the way to the end without being disrupted. 
Are you looking for inspirational colors, then focus should be put on the warmer colors e.g. red, as it can improve creativity and boost imagination. On the other hand, cooler colors e.g. blue, has a more invigorating effect! 
Colors does not have to be all over the place, but a couch, vase or accessory can help your work life. 

Coworking space  

The right ergonomical position

The correct ergonomical position of you during the day is alfa omega! Especially if your work days are long and required sitting all day. The difference between sitting at a kitchen table, at a café or in a coworking space in enormous. Sitting in a coworking space usually entails ergonomical furniture as height adjustable tables and proper office chairs, which can help your posture during the day.

Social and networking

Besides getting your own spot and better facilities, a coworking space helps you network! Getting your next task or finding someone to collaborate with is much easier, when you can meet them at the coffee machine in the kitchen! 
Social events are also a big part of being in a coworking space. Being a part of the community creates more synergy across coworkers in the house, which cannot be recreated at any office! 
You decide on your own how much you will be a part of the community, but those who engage a lot, are better off with their social capital! 

Do you want to be a part of our coworking space here at Coworking Plus? Book a tour of the house and see what we actually have and can offer to you! 

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