SEO 101 – Small guide to improve your SEO


SEO 101 – It’s not that hard Do you want to have a better chance of being found on different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing? Then you should definitely look into search engine optimization! In these modern times, the internet becomes more and more crucial for businesses. If you cannot be found […]

Doing Service as Marketing in 2020

marketing as a service

Words mean nothing without action. Service as marketing helps to show what a company can do and what values it has. Providing good service also shows what the company stands for and how much it does to create value for its customers. If the service isn’t right, it can quickly create a bad experience for […]

Role models are inspiring entrepreneurs in 2020

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According to Fonden for Entreprenørskab role models is a big part of inspiring young people to choose an entrepreneurial career.  A role model is an essential part of having a mirror to reflect on. It allows the young to have an opportunity to relate to a familiar image while having the option to ask questions […]

A community for everyone!

grafik juice

Coworking Plus is a community for everyone and we love to share all the great stories at the house! One of our coworkers is Sanne from Grafik Juice. She came to Odense in 1997, where she started studying English and French at SDU. She later finished a multimedia designer education. Sanne has worked with graphics and multimedia for […]

An office dog can improve your work!

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An office dog can help you through the day Maybe you know the feeling. The guilt of leaving for work, while your best friend has to stay at home. In this case we are talking about the dog. But if you feel guilty because you have to leave it at home, we have some good […]

Creativity can be a factor for entrepreneurs!

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Is creativity measurable? Different opinions arise whether or not creativity can be measured, even though, most research points towards, that creativity is unmeasurable, but can be indexed into two subcategories: “Small c” and “big C”.  C is for creativity! Small c has its focus on everyday tasks with creative aspects, like the small inputs you […]

A coworking space will enhance your 2020!

Mødelokale hos Coworking Plus

The science behind a coworking space! Do you know how much your surrounding matter for efficiency at work? It matters a lot!  According to a study from Genslers Research Insitute, it can be hard for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and self-employed to get comfortable in an environment, without a space for work. Finding the right environment can be […]

4 great reasons to drink coffee

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Coffee enhances work place quality, and we know it works! You have probably heard or read somewhere, that it can have a positive effect on you.  Actually, a study from The Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee and The European Food Safety Authority shows the positive benefits, when it comes to attention, mental surplus and […]

We love entrepreneurs!


Entrepreneurs. They create something out of nothing and help create new! Everyone who dares to follow their dream and start their own business deserves our respect, gratitude and support! They create new products and services, they develop new solutions, they create revenue and work, and they create the innovation, development, and dynamic, which all societies […]

Office at home? Maybe not the best idea

Coworkers i et mødelokale

Written by Sarah Holmgreen Your well-being is affected by your office! During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have worked from home, where they had to set up a home office, but it is challenging their well-being. According to a survey done by YouGov on the behalves of IF Skadesforsikring, nearly half (46%) of people, who […]