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Coworking Plus is a community for everyone and we love to share all the great stories at the house! One of our coworkers is Sanne from Grafik Juice. She came to Odense in 1997, where she started studying English and French at SDU. She later finished a multimedia designer education. 
Sanne has worked with graphics and multimedia for several years, but in 2017 she took a step into entrepreneurship with Grafik Juice

The community in the coworker kitchen

I met a very colorful and accomodating Sanne in one of the many kitchens at Coworking Plus. The first impression I got from Sanne is her charisma and a huge smile, inviting me to talk.

Did you always know you would take the entrepreneurial path – was it a hard decision? 

“There was a lot of thought behind it. I didn’t want to be a traditional entrepreneur. 
I started reading a lot of books on entrepreneurship and ways to sell myself and my product. Besides that, I like to challenge myself. Imagine if I only worked a couple of hours each week – How would that work out? You know, the freedom to choose my own working hours. Of course, I still have deadlines with clients. Besides that comes the family, no doubt about that, but family comes first. That wasn’t necessarily a hard decision, but more a focus on the balance between family and work life.”


"It is all positive karma coming back!"

- Sanne Jørgensen, Grafik Juice

From English and French to Grafik Juice

You have studied English and French, whereafter you took an education in multimedia design. Where does the interest in drawing and painting come from and how have you used it when talking to potential customers? 

“I have always been a creative person. If it is not drawing or graphics, it’s knitting or playing board games. I love board games and have also organized bigger events around board games. I love to create things, where creativity gets involved in some way. 

In regards to getting customers, in the beginning, I was worried about if I was adequate to make it happen. You want to perform your best. When I talk to potential customers, I always make sure to listen to them and what message they want to communicate. I advise them on the project and we find a balance for the best solution.” 

A part of the coworking space

Now you are a part of the Coworking Plus community – How have you benefited?
“I already knew Adina, who was sitting at the harbor, when Coworking had spaces there. Therefore, I ended up sitting with “Havnefolkene” after a recommendation of it. Later, I was shown around the place by Mads (
Mads Fugl, CEO and Co-founder). I felt very welcomed, there was a great atmosphere and you got close to the other coworkers. Actually, I landed two new clients in the week after I arrived in the new space. 

When I started at Kochsgade 31D it looked like a construction site, but it was fun to follow the development. I really like what it has become aesthetically. It says a lot about the place you work in. In addition, you can get feedback from other coworkers and collaborate! It is all positive karma coming back! 

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