How does is feel to be a coworker?


Every day, the dedicated team behind Coworking Plus have to juggle many things at once, as they strive to create a unique coworking space that motivates and inspires all the coworkers in the house! But what does it actually feel like to be a coworker here in Odense? We have talked to one of our […]

Hvordan er det at være coworker?

Find the English version here. Til hverdag har Coworking Plus’ dedikerede team mange jern i ilden. De stræber nemlig efter at skabe et helt unikt coworking space, som motiverer og inspirerer alle i huset. Men hvordan er det egentlig at være coworker i det odenseanske kontorfælles-skab? Vi har talt med en af vores coworkers, som […]